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What is OG Guaranteed Shipping?
What is OG Guaranteed Shipping?
Updated over a week ago

We now offer a new shipping tier called OG Guaranteed Shipping.

All orders shipped with OG Guaranteed Shipping will be sent via XpressPost.

OG Guaranteed Shipping is now available for a $19.99 fee applied at checkout.

What this means is that if your order does not arrive (i.e., ends up seized or lost), we agree to replace the order in full via a one-time replacement.

Orders made using our Standard Shipping tiers may not be replaced if they do not arrive due to an issue in transit (subject to our discretion).

If you are concerned that your package may not arrive (i.e., you've had issues in the past receiving your orders), selecting OG Guaranteed Shipping will ensure that your order will be covered if it is not delivered within the standard delivery timeframe.

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